Individuals and businesses face increased pressure to meet the demands of daily financial management.

Daily Money Management Services for Individuals and the Idaho Court System

Technology changes, cybersecurity concerns, fraud, and an ever-changing banking landscape only add to the challenges. Seniors and adult children of aging parents can also grapple with locating a trusted and capable resource for outsourcing regular financial tasks.

Sometimes Idaho Courts need independent, objective money managers to help with day-to-day money management for people undergoing court proceedings. Wendy Werner is a certified Idaho Court Conservator and helps Courts ensure that personal finances are kept in an orderly way for people who need assistance managing their own finances.

Balanced Bookkeeping was founded in order to address these demands. Its day-to-day money management starts with organizing and tracking financial transactions and records. Balanced Bookkeeping also provides a concierge-level of personal money management. This can range from proper bank account maintenance to check writing and organization of paperwork for taxes, insurance, healthcare, credit cards and more.

You may be a good candidate for Balanced Bookkeeping if:

  • You lack the time or expertise to handle daily financial tasks
  • You are ready to delegate the oversite of “life maintenance” paperwork to a trusted assistant
  • You want freedom from tedious tracking and record keeping of financial matters
  • You are the parent of a disabled adult child
  • You are a veteran or a family member is a veteran
  • You are a high net worth individual ready to delegate important financial tasks elsewhere