Idaho Court Conservator

A Conservator takes care of the property of a person in need of protection. That person may be a minor child who will need protection until reaching age 18 or an adult who is not able to manage their property. The property of a protected person is called that person’s estate and includes all types of assets: real property (home and land), furniture, cash, bank accounts, certificates of deposit, stocks, bonds, retirement benefits, motor homes, motor vehicles, and valuables such as jewelry, furs, and art.

The Conservator is responsible for the safe and wise management of the property of the estate. They are required to invest prudently. The law requires them to use the care in managing the estate that a prudent person would use in dealing with the property of another. To ensure that safety of the estate, conservators will inform third parties holding the protected person’s assets that they are the Conservator. If the protected person owns land, they record the Conservator’s Letters of Conservatorship in the office of the county recorder in which the land is located to protect the title to real property.

Conservators have a duty to pay from the protected person’s estate the day-to-day bills and other valid claims such as property taxes and employment taxes. They manage tax preparation to and maintain organized financial records.

Idaho Court Financial Conservatorship Services
Wendy Werner
Idaho Court Conservator